Run For Speed offers a FREE training session as an introduction to our speed and endurance running programs. Please contact us to schedule your complimentary session.


6 week program attending
1 day per week


6 week program attending
2 days per week


6 week program attending
3 days per week

Classes are 50 minutes long with a 5-minute warmup and 45 minutes of running depending on your training plan and class. Our 6-week sessions culminate with a race distance run at race pace for all target distances under 3200m (2 miles) for a baseline for the next session.

*Athletes are allowed to join the training program after the program period starts at a prorated rate based on how many weeks remain.

Drop-In Rate for Group Training

$25 per session

F.A.S.T. Private Training & Pricing

We also offer Private 1-on-1 sessions for $70 per 1-hour session.
Call or Email for details and availability.



Attending 1 day per week
Number of Weeks Remaining


Attending 2 days per week
Number of Weeks Remaining


Attending 3 days per week
Number of Weeks Remaining

Program Training Periods

* January 7th - February 17th
* February 18th - March 30th
* March 31st - May 11th
* May 12th - June 22nd
* June 23rd - August 3rd
* August 18th - September 28th
* September 29th - November 9th
* November 10th - December 21st

Time Trial Period

* February 11th - 17th
* March 24th - 30th
* May 5th - 11th
* June 16th - 22nd
* July 28th - August 3rd
* September 22nd - 28th
* November 3rd - 9th
* December 15th - 21st

(Tentative) Scheduled Training Breaks

* Summer Break: August 4th - 17th

* Winter Break: December 22nd - through January 4th, 2025

(Schedule is subject to change.)


Are you ready?

Times & Locations


McMillen High School
750 N Murphy Rd Murphy, TX 75094
(The track directly behind the school)


Speed sessions begin at 7 pm on
Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Payment Information

Payments can be paid by Cash, Check, or electronically using Zelle through most major banks, PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo using the email address:

Social Media

Be sure to "Like" Run For Speed on Facebook where you can find Time Trial photos of all Athletes as well as Run For Speed events, races, and programs.  Most of the information you may need is here but please contact me if you have any questions.