A training program for runners of ALL ages

Run for Speed Excelr8 Running Program
Teen Track Running Program


is a training program for runners of all ages. Whether you're new to running, looking to run your first 5K or Marathon, or you have a child that participates in school track and field, Run For Speed has your solution. Our EXCELR8 training regimen builds on your existing level of running fitness to help you improve your track times, 5K or Marathon times, and build overall endurance which is critical for many other sports.

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If you have a child that plays soccer, football, lacrosse, or basketball, speed and endurance are critical. Winning coaches don't remove faster, stronger players from games to replace them with slower, more winded players. Give your child an edge with Run For Speed and we can help your child perform at their top level of fitness all year long.



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Run For Speed was able to propel current track runner, Cierra "Lanie" Gooch, to win the Gold Medal in the 2011 State Games of America in San Diego in which TAAF competes. With Run For Speed's EXCELR8 training program, Lanie went undefeated all season in her first year of running the 800m from local Regional competitions, to State competition in Waco, all the way to National competition in San Diego.