Run For Speed will take you from "how to start running" to "I am a runner"!

Run for Speed Excelr8 Running Program


Want to know how to start running? Are you wondering how fast, how slow, or how long to run? Run For Speed can get you running properly. With our training program, EXCELR8 from Zer0, we train and coach beginners of all ages to get you up and running. Run For Speed will take you from "how to start running" to "I am a runner"!


Let us help you!

Does your child participate in school track and field? Are you looking for a way to not only help them maintain their current track level fitness but also help them improve their speed while track season isn't taking place? Run For Speed has a training program called EXCELR8 that will boost your child's performance and keep them track-ready all year long.

School track and field ready fitness cannot be maintained all year long with sports like soccer, football, lacrosse, etc. The level of intensity needed to keep your child fast and truly make them faster by the next track season can only happen with an all-year regiment of track-specific workouts.

With our program EXCELR8, Run For Speed will make your child athlete ready for the coming track season.


Are you ready?


Are you looking to begin your fitness regiment as a runner and don't quite know where to begin? Run For Speed has a tailored running program for beginners called EXCELR8 From Zer0. We will help you figure out the odds and ends of running from distance, to pace, to running gear, and dietary recommendations. With our running program for beginners, Run For Speed will get you up and running in no time.