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Run for Speed is a  North Dallas running program for all ages focused on building speed and endurance

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Run For Speed is an athletic training and coaching firm for runners and athletes of all ages. Whether you have a child looking to improve their track and cross country speed during the off-season, gain endurance and speed for other sports such as soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball, or you as an adult are looking to get into running, achieve a better level of fitness, or improve your race times, Run For Speed is your solution for finding a Dallas running coach.



Our EXCELR8 training regimen builds on your existing level of running fitness to help you improve your track times, 5K or Marathon times, and build overall endurance which is critical for many other sports.

Runner Training Program


Whether you're new to running, looking to run your first 5K or Marathon, or you have a child that participates in school track and field (or other sports), Run For Speed has your solution.

Beginner Running Program

EXCELR8 from Zer0

EXCELR8 From Zer0 is a program for beginners of all ages. It gets the runner's body acclimated to the activity of running and prepares them for the next level.

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Want to know how to start running? Are you wondering how fast, how slow, or how long to run? Not to worry - let us take you from "how to start running" to "I am a runner"!


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This is the perfect program for all ages, focused on building speed while also developing endurance so you can go longer distances


When he's not competing in ultra-marathons himself, Brandon T. Vallair - "Coach B" - coaches and trains athletes to compete in youth and adult divisions of track and road racing. Our EXCELR8 Training Program produced the 2011 State Games of America 800m National Champion and 200m Silver Medalist, along with the 2012 State Champions for the 80m Hurdles, 800m run, and 1600m run.

He's also developed 5K Youth and Adult Division Winners, Half Marathoners, Marathoners, and Ultra-Marathoners. Whether you're a novice runner or a veteran looking for faster times and better endurance, Run For Speed is your coaching and training solution.

Dallas Running Coach Brandon Vallair


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